The second battle of Where’s The Loo

In 1996 Collieston famously overturned Aberdeenshire Council’s decision to close the public convenience at the harbour.  Twenty years later we are facing the same situation.  The council have said their intention is to either have a community run facility or a comfort partnership in place – otherwise the facility will be closed.  The Community Council are to meet with a council official shortly to ask for more detail and to put forward the case for why the toilets need to remain open as an essential facility.



4 thoughts on “The second battle of Where’s The Loo

  1. I am a fairly regular visitor to Collieston where, together with my two special needs grandsons, we thoroughly enjoy our time on the rocks and pools. In the past we have even been invited by the local rowing club to attend ” A BBQ together with the opening of a shed!” The latter was quite unique – and we had a memorable day despite the rain! Our visits would of necessity be wholly curtailed if there were no toilets as one of the guys has a continence problem and the fact that there is a clean toilet makes our visit possible. An added attraction of course is our visit to Nicole who is a great asset to the village – she’s always cheery and my two guys think she’s “Ace”. They decide what they’re going to buy from the shop en route from Aberdeen. If you need signatures on a petition we would be pleased to add our names.

  2. Thankyou to Mrs Neil for such a ringing endorsement. Must admit I already thought loo was a community run facility since the classic UDI of 20 years ago! If you need names for a rota of cleaners (say, of 30 people, so only having to do a monthly chore) then count me in. Can you tell us what’s involved in community-run versus comfort partnership please?

    • Thanks for the support. The Community Council will be asking for all the details of the various options for the future of the toilets. However, at the present time we would not be proposing that the community take over the cleaning and maintenance of the toilet, as we already suffer from volunteer overload. The toilets need to be open seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year and in such a popular visitor destination to expect the community to take on this essential task is unrealistic.

  3. Last time this idea was muted, I went to the local MP’s surgery and pointed out that elderly
    people in particular who may be visiting Collieston need ‘to go’ quite often. Closing the toilets
    condemns many old folk to remaining in homes and institutions when otherwise they could
    have had a day out. This is not the way to go to save piffling amounts of money.
    John Tubey, Collieston

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