Collieston Offshore Rowing Club (CORC)

CORC profile

Welcome to Collieston Offshore Rowing Club! At the moment the club meet every Wednesday, at 8pm, in John and Rachel Hitchcock’s garage, building the boat. The club has also just started sessions on Saturdays, at Peterhead, to learn to row these skiffs! For more information call John on 751323.

Below are pictures which were taken on the September trip to Portsoy to see how the boats are made and to have a go!!!

How the skiff is built!

How the skiff is built!

Taking the skiff to the harbour...

Taking the skiff to the harbour…

Starting off...

Starting off…

Out for a row

Out for a row

"we'll be back for dinner"

“We’ll be back for dinner”


2 thoughts on “Collieston Offshore Rowing Club (CORC)

  1. I was lucky enough to be part of your community spirit this after noon at the launching of Admiral Redsocks.
    It was great from an outsider looking in at all the enthusiasm and spirit generated.
    I wish you all the very best for the race season and I am sure that all your hard work and effort will be rewarded.

    All The Best,

    Ashley Walker

  2. Hi there, I row for Newburgh rowing club. Was just enquiring about your regatta? Is there room for another skiff?


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